Rewriting Articles Is Plagiarism

Rewriting Articles Is Plagiarism

Cutting corners to save human time. Most of us try to generate a job quicker and simpler to become profitable. From the freelance writing world, rewriting posts is just one of the strategies to spend less time and effort into more money. In reality, some writers actively encourage rewriting other writer’s functions and posts.

The fact remains that rewriting isn’t ethical. It’s plagiarism. Plagiarism is stealing someone else’s thoughts or text and passing it off as one’s own. The very definition of plagiarism indicates that by composing a report, you’re exposing someone else’s thought and passing it off as your own. Lots of new authors are confused, however, since they view jobs on auction sites actively requesting for rewrites of PLR posts. It’s simple to rewrite someone else’s job, it’s quickly, and when it’s usually performed, it’s alright, right? Wrong. Quite wrong. Stealing ideas isn’t ethical and shouldn’t be utilized as a means to generate money.

Consider article rewriter within this circumstance. A burglar breaks into your home while you’re off rather than mowing your lawn. The thief takes your prized possessions, things you’ve constructed by hand and created carefully. If you are home, you file a police record but locating your lost possessions will be just about impossible. They are anywhere, after all.

Next week, you’re out for a drive and pass on a garage sale that seems intriguing. You stop and examine the things for sale. Lo and behold, you will find your stolen possessions for sale directly in front of you! The burglar claims your possessions are theirs and claims with you about possession. True, a number of your things are painted a new color, however, the form is more recognizable, there’s a dent you understand, and you’re confident that these are the items for sale.

Can you pat the burglar on your shoulder, tell him how smart he is, and continue to let him market your goods? Or do you call the authorities, file a record, and also have your possessions returned to you?