Traveling Teams – Separating Truth And Fiction

Traveling Teams – Separating Truth And Fiction

The following is a good illustration of what I’ve heard many student athletes state: “My Star Travel Team is going to be playing at the Holiday Wood Bat Classic in Peoria through the 4th of July Weekend. This is a superb chance for exposure.”

FACT: There are just a select few tournaments for both softball and baseball where a huge number of school coaches will be in attendance. Concerning the case above, you can make certain that college coaches won’t be spending their 4th of July weekend off from their own families on the recruitment trail.

FACT: Obtaining exposure through championship play is only possible if college coaches know that you’re before attending a specific tournament. The same as showcases, many college coaches come to championships to assess players that they already understand. Therefore, the possibilities of being found in an exposure championship are slim, if you don’t play for a well-known elite program, in which case many faculty coaches are already knowledgeable about the caliber of players that compete for your specific team.

FACT: Traveling softball and travel baseball is very watered down. Playing for a Traveling All Star Team doesn’t automatically signify that you’re on a really elite group, regardless of what the trainers of those programs may state.

FACT: Traveling baseball was one time just about player development. Subsequently it evolved into a competition between trainers to see who can win the most games and tournaments. More recently, many coaches and associations realized that money may be made when they tied faculty recruiting to travel softball and baseball, or made it seem that a link between both existed. When picking a travel group, find a trainer and application that puts the demands of student athletes. Traveling softball and baseball is first and foremost about evolution, not all about winning championships or gaining vulnerability. If you select a program that is truly about athletic growth, then the recruitment facets will probably take care of these.